Traveling moment – Singapore impression

What comes to your mind first when hearing “Traveling moment”?

For me, it is the time during your trip when I feel so amazing. And, yes, I got that one for the visit China Town, Singapore.

There were 4 of us, from Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and Vietnam. We asked a guy, who might be a seller in China Town the direction to any well-known Laksa in the Town. He was “Oh hm, what are you talking about” at first when seeing and listening to all 4 of us. Then, he smiled and showed us the direction easily but poor us, we were not able to find the shop.

At the of the conversation, he asked:

  • So where are you from?
  • Well, we have Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and Vietnam

He repeated, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam. Kindly smiled and he said:

Sah wah dee khaa, Terima kasih, Arigatou gozaimasu, Xin chao, palm his hand and smile again.

4 of us were like:

  • What amazing thing you have done?

The kind comes in our heart and surprise and enjoy out thanks to just only few words.

How kind he and how funny our trip is!!

Thank you, stranger in China Town from 4 of us, you made our trip more interesting and presented an impressive imagine of your country – Singapore!


Hello the World!

Hey Diam, How rustic you are!

28 years being in the world; finally, you are travelling abroad!

Arriving Perth after 12 hours moving and tired nearly die, I am still alive

Wishing back to you once, the peaceful City; but should be in your Spring, not freezing in the Winter like this time


Good bye, Archetype!

Hi Archetype,

Coming to you is a surprise.

Leaving you is another tough decision but seems a “must do” for me.

I will miss myself – Diam – Archetype version thanks to all challenges and “heart attack” days with you.

Bye, a memorable part of my life!

Viết cho người cao cao – For a tall person

Hơn 1 năm trước, văn phòng đối diện có 1 người cao lắm vào ngồi. Thoạt đầu chỉ làm việc qua email, dù văn phòng cách nhau có chừng chục bước chân. Chưa 1 ai hẳn hòi giới thiệu mình với người này. Không rõ từ ngày nào bắt đầu nói chuyện; chỉ nhớ, lần nào cũng thế, hoặc là người cúi xuống hoặc mình phải nhón chân, do bản thân cao hơn thắt lưng người ta có 1 xíu.

Đối với nhiều người trong văn phòng, chỉ là có 1 người cao cao , tóc bạc bạc hay đi ra đi vào, thi thoảng gật đầu 1 cái, ký mấy giấy tờ quan trọng, nói vài câu trước mấy buổi tụ tập ăn uống. Vậy thôi!

Tư thái thong dong toát ra từ phong cách, dáng đi, cách nói chuyện, cách khiến mọi người bình tĩnh trong công việc, cách hòa hoãn, gắn kết mọi người, nghe từ nhiều phía trước khi có quyết định và cách xử lý. Người cao cao lúc nào cũng điềm đạm, trấn được mấy “Trương Phi” văn phòng, hạ nhiệt tranh cãi và có mấy câu đùa rất duyên “mọi việc đều trong tầm kiểm soát, phớ không?”

Là chân chạy việc vặt trong văn phòng, bản thân đôi ba lần được làm việc với người cao cao này đây. Mở đâu mỗi cuộc nói chuyện, luôn luôn là “chào buổi sáng / trưa/ chiều/ tối”. Người cao cao chỉ đưa quyết định và ký giấy tờ quan trọng nhưng cũng chả ngại lui cui ở cái màn hình nhỏ xíu, chỉ bảo việc admin cho 1 đứa gà mờ như mình.

Nhưng, người cao cao ở đây cô độc quá, lèo lái 1 con thuyền như vầy, không dễ, ai cũng rõ, nên ra đi là chuyện không ai ngạc nhiên. Bất quá, buồn khi người tử tế ra đi là khó tránh khỏi.

Vậy mà, trước khi đi, người dọn dẹp văn phòng, còn đem món quà nhỏ cho chân chạy việc. Mẫu gốm sứ hình đôi giày, làm thủ công, quà lưu niệm trước khi đi. Chắc không có cơ hội được chạy việc cùng văn phòng nữa, chúc người ra đi mọi sự tốt lành, công việc như mong muốn và cuộc sống bình an.

More than 1 year ago, a tall person have occupied the opposite office. At first, emails is the only means of communication although we were just about 10 steps away. Have never been official introduced to the person, I cannot remember when was our first meeting. Being a little bit higher than the person’s waist, in any conversation, either the person must bend or I have to tiptoe.

For many people, there is just a tall person at tall person standing at a high level, grey hair, sometimes coming in and out the office, bowing to others, signing important document, saying some words before team-building activities. That’s all!

Leisureliness can be seen easily from his style, speed, speeches, words to calm people down, gathering colleagues, listenings to all sides before deciding or solving a problem. Thanks to that ability, he can “air-condition” the office even cool down “Hot” office guys and conflicts. Especially, his trademark sentence to keep in mind ” Is everything under control?”

Being a little assistant, I have had chances to work with and assist him few times. To open any conversation, he always “Good morning/ noon/ afternoon/ evening” to me. If you have ever known how invisible the assistant is in the office, you will see how respectfull his words are. Even being a high person, he has no hesitate to guide administrative works on a super small and old desktop to an amateur like me.

Yet, it seems he is too lonely and isolated in this kind of Group and Offices, leading all stuff and staff is much more than difficulty, so leaving is, of course, an expected decision. However, when such a kind person leaves, sad is understandable.

Moreover, cleaning up the office before the last date, he finds a souvenir – a handicarft from his country, a ceramic pair of shoes to offer to the little assistant.

Coming back to be colleagues in the same office one more time is impossible, then I will not wish it. Anyway, hope and wish the leaver all good things, successful career and safe life.


Once upon a day, wondering “Diam, are you clever?” “What can you do?”, “Can you cook any eatable thing? 🙂 I booked a baking class but forgot to notice the bakery’s name. Then, joining that class, I finally made “Nama Choco” and another classmate took photos of my Nama Choco to post to on facebook. Well, well, I must admit after that day, I discover my new bobby: baking!!!

So amazing to know!

Then, a Birthday cake for a friend. It is not nice, I should say, but ok. It’s a very good first try, isn’t it?


Am I addicted? I even bought a Mini – Stir Egg Machine for myself and after few times, I made a flan-choco sucessfully.


Dear Mom, Dad and Sister, I am so sorry to make you fatter by my cakes ❤ . However, it is really an interesting hobby and baking is very great for me to relax after stressful days. Hope that I don’t transfer my stress to your belly 🙂 .

One of target for my New Year is “Making different cakes for each of your Birth Day”. Love you all.



Quy Nhon – Roaming

Some years, people even cannot remember what occasion on March, which really made me unhappy but why I should be that fool? Let’s enjoy myself!! See… what should I do to mark one more year from the date I said hello to this naughty life?

Travel, not bad idea!

With whom? Beloved Mom is the best option for this event

And where? Quy Nhon, the city in my heart!


Mom and me

Having existed in the world for 27 years, I finally got the chance to fly… on a plane of course. Coming across the cloud is soooo amazing. But, it was sunshine on the sky. Seconds later, we were landing on Phu Cat Airport, the weather was too bad, rained heavily, at least not for long time. Thanks to the rain, 3 days in Quy Nhon were cool.


Fly – 1st time in my life

Even being one of the most famous destinations, Quy Nhon is still a peaceful and quiet city, just a few people and motors on streets and beach (significant difference comparing to other sightseeing – hope it will not change in the future). One more plus is the fresh air of this city, nearly no garbage.


Easy life

Well, let’s review!!

Where did we go?

This was the first time mom visits Quy Nhon. Looking at her childish behaviors on the seasides, taking photos for her made the trip funnier. My model for this trip.


Not much special, Thap Cham still gains our attention thanks to its structure, sign of age.


Thap Cham

Thi Nai – the longest across-the-sea bridge in Vietnam surprises my mom when she knows about that truth, and of course, at the time we went across the bridge. She even asked me to stop by for her to take photos. Mom is so cute.


Thi Nai Bridge


Mom and daughter


View near by the bridge

Hon Kho is a small, or should I call tiny fishing town. On the route to  this isolated region, we came across a pass, it was a bit scary due to no people on the street. In my and mom’s ability to image, thieves and wild animals can attack us any time, but the only thing rob our time is is the weather and nature, which is like Dalat City. Sunny lightly with windy. The view on the path really makes me wish to stay here for few days, just in a camp, get up with hot tea or coffee, lazily read some books, BBQ for lunch and dinner. Life cannot be more relax and enjoyable.


On the way to Hon Kho


It is Quy Nhon, not Dalat


It is Quy Nhon, not Dalat

Hon Kho – A Fishing Town far from the city center where maintains the natural lives.



Hon Kho



A pagoda, not on the list but always good to visit once on any trip.


Grave of Han Mac Tu – honestly, look like a park. The sloping path made us sweat, but worthy for the view of the city, the curd of the seasides and rocks around. Walking or even climbing on that path, I unexpectedly sang a song Han Mac Tu softly. That was named Mong Cam path, but in my mind, it should be Mai Dinh path. Ok, how cray I am!!






Also within this park, Eggy Rocks (Bai Da Trung) deserves a look and some photos. The rocks prove the power of nature, how can the sea make them that smooth? Magical!

The night before getting back to Saigon, I spent more than an hour after diner just to walk on the pavement along the seaside. Wind made my walk more comfortable. Thanks to that roaming, I recognize many statues of Quy Nhon’s specialties on the pavement such as tuna, Bau Da Wine, Go Gang conical hat, nem (sour and seasoned pork hash wrapped in wild leaves)… Frankly, they are not bad at PR for their city.


Mom’s health is not good enough, so we just went to couples of places; hence, definitely Quy Nhon is on my travel list for future.

The other attractive side of this city is the culsine.

Diam, manage yourself, keep your latvia!

Ohh, I miss noodle with fish (and jelly fish), chopped fish, noodle with small crab, sugar cane juice, fruit juice, and water fern cake (served with dried minced bread)… Bun Ca Quy Nhon, Cha Ca, Bun Ram, nước mía, sinh tố and bánh bèo…

Most of the noodle we tried was not salty, well cooked, noodle was scalded in hot water before serving, so no worries about the quality of noodle.


Noodle, jelly fish, and chopped fish

Because of the location – beach city, the seafood there of course, must be fresh. Jelly fish was french, chopped fish too and so so tasty. No need to mention seafood, all our meals were delicious, thanks to skilled local chefs 🙂 . Plus, the food was cheap. I surprised once knowing 2 bowls of Bun Ram cost us only 24k VND means 12k VND per each. Unbelievable!



Water Fern Cake


Mango Juice

The host of Fruit juice and fern cake was so polite to us. Generally, most of local people are kind and helpful. A maintainer at a street motor garage fixed the motor for us. Ok, just a small fix, and he didn’t charge us even 1 VND. He left us a nice though about local people there.

Oh I wanna back to Quy Nhon now!! Immediately!