Once upon a day, wondering “Diam, are you clever?” “What can you do?”, “Can you cook any eatable thing? 🙂 I booked a baking class but forgot to notice the bakery’s name. Then, joining that class, I finally made “Nama Choco” and another classmate took photos of my Nama Choco to post to on facebook. Well, well, I must admit after that day, I discover my new bobby: baking!!!

So amazing to know!

Then, a Birthday cake for a friend. It is not nice, I should say, but ok. It’s a very good first try, isn’t it?


Am I addicted? I even bought a Mini – Stir Egg Machine for myself and after few times, I made a flan-choco sucessfully.


Dear Mom, Dad and Sister, I am so sorry to make you fatter by my cakes ❤ . However, it is really an interesting hobby and baking is very great for me to relax after stressful days. Hope that I don’t transfer my stress to your belly 🙂 .

One of target for my New Year is “Making different cakes for each of your Birth Day”. Love you all.




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