2-month probation

After a pretty long time, I am back to another probation period. The first one was not easy, but upon what I can remember it was not like this time.

I have seen many cases, (being refused after weeks, giving up in probation time, or gaining experience and finishing right at the end of that time) which made me confused and wondered the reason. Up to now, these weeks remind and hint me a lot.

Actually, when problems occur, they must be the 2 sides’ responsibilities. Probation is a good time for employers and employees know more about each other, demanding and supplying points as well.

For employees, I think, it is better that we should try our best before making any decision (somehow, I am talking about giving up). If you tried but they refused, maybe, they made mistake at the interviewJ. Just kidding!! However, by this way, nothing to regret! Just please keep in mind be professional up to the last minute.

For employers, were you wrong at deciding to recruit that / those staff? Even master can make mistake at first meeting, especially in evaluating a person. Hence, it is not a big matter. Secondly, please consider “who” you recruited (his/her strength, weakness, and even characteristics), what you really expect from and can offer them. Do not either expect or disappoint too much! C’est la vie.


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