Is there any funny thing in the Zoo? – Part 1

Part 1 – Water Puppet Show!

The Zoo is not strange to either me or other Saigon citizens, but most of us do not think it can be an interesting theme park. That is not the truth, there are many nice things inside, especially the Water Puppet Show!

After 26 years existing, this is my first time watching a real Water Puppet Show by myself. It is not amazing or impressive, just traditional and lovely.


Actually, there are some minuses, all the puppet were made in the same sizes, so the models of farmers, dragon, unicorn, tortoise, and phoenix, and fishes or ducks are equal. Ridiculous!

Secondly, the sound of songs was not good enough for me to listen to lyrics.

However, ignoring these minor disadvantages, I admit the show was fine. The artists have to stay in the water, control the puppets cleverly and sing Vietnamese traditional songs or poems, some folks which are simple but meaningful. The show consists of 4 or 5 mini stages four mythological creatures, lives of fishers or farmers in the past.

A couple of Phoenix







Note: Just go inside the zoo from Le Duan entrance, turn left to the Historical Museum (entrance fee: 2000 VND), the ask guards for the Water Puppet Show location (Ticket: 50 000 VND). The show lasts only 30 minutes (6 shows per day: 9-10-11 in the morning and 2-3-4 in the afternoon).


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