Terrible Farewell Trip!

Too much for a farewell trip! Do you love me that much, HVN? Being lost, waiting for right colleagues, keeping being lost, being tired, broken bike preventing me continue my trip, and rain. It is not only my trip but exactly what has happened between me and you, HVN. Are you trying to make me miss you? No way! Forget it. It is too much, I will miss HVN for sure, miss all the time there, my lovely team members as well, tricky but warm and nice clients, but not you-yourself, HVN! I won’t forget the hurts you gave me, history repeats twice, you really challenged me; made me doubt in my ability!

To some one (I am not sure if you can read these words, but I just want to say): thank you for your care. Today, I am really tired. But, maybe, nobody really cares about that but you. They have their concerns, and I just have to be there as my responsibilities. Your message warms me, and….. Do you wanna make me cry? I know, I have built a thick and hard shell, but that is the only way I can do to protect myself. Should I tell you since the date we, three of us were talked at the exit, and your guys came to find you two, that is my worst day at HVN. Only in 30 minutes, I was knock-out twice, due to job and relationship matters. But, please, don’t “poor me”. I am fine!


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