Can Gio – Beach in Sai Gon

Many people cannot image a peaceful beach located right in my beloved Sai Gon, although that is the truth. I mean Can Gio beach, and it took only around 2 hours driving from the city center through a beautiful path to get there. If you don’t believe either, let me tell you our trip to Can Gio Province on Mar.

That was one of our team building activities; we gathered at 8.30, in Tan Binh District and started around 9am. 9 of us drove to District 1, across Dragon Harbour to get to Binh Khanh ferry station, Nha Be District. It was around 10am if I am correct (quiet late depart for a city tour), then we bought ferry tickets, price:

4500VND / 1 motorbike plus 1 driver

1000VND / pax for either the behind one or walker

After around 15 windy and airy minutes on the ferry, we arrived Can Gio province. Note: if you are the behind one or a solo tourist, you can go upstairs of the ferry to enjoy and relax with the peaceful view of the riverside.

Can Gio welcomed us by a wide and lovely 6-line straight path stretching from Binh Khanh ferry to 30th April Beach. Extremely different from the city center, no traffic jam here, there are a few motorbikes on the road; sometimes we haven’t met any one for kilometers, uhmmm… a bit nervous. It will be a big problem if your motors are broken up at this time because even local homes, groceries, or petrol stations are scattered, only trees by trees on the road. Therefore, just buy anything you need and fulfill your motorbikes before departing. Allowed speed is 60 km/h, obey it and drive on your lane.


Alongside the street are lines of mangrove or some other kinds of tree that I don’t know their name, but they made our rout less sunny and airier, so calm! A plot of Bougainvillea sits at the middle, goes through the path and brings more colors to our road of adventure. Sometime, salt fields and nipa trees lying or sitting on the roadside wave to say hi with us. My friends even named the more than 30-km path “the rout of fairy tale” :), how romantic she is! Frankly, if I am not experience by myself, I will never image Saigon owns a poetic path like that, wonderful!


Driving about 30 km from Binh Khanh ferry station, on our right hand is:

9So, we turned right and buy ticket 30,000VND/ pax to get in Rung Sac Can Gio Zar Zone Historic site. I think it is an expensive price because there is almost a boring place: just trees by trees, monkeys are everywhere, crocodiles areas is small and not really interesting. The most attractive and extremely exciting you can do there is visiting Rung Sac War Zone on canoe, but in order to start the adventure, we had to buy another ticket 😦 . 600,000 VND for 8 people, this time it’s worthy.



The driver directed the canoe like an expert through the forest of mangroves, no matter slowly or fast, on straight or zigzag line, he controlled the situation well; and our mission are just sitting down, taking photos and enjoying sites of clear and calm sky, magnificent but a bit mystery forest, and elegant river :). Therefore, 15 minutes was not enough for us to relax and let heads down. We wished the canoe trip had been longer or even forever.


Here we go!!


The statue of  Vietnames Soldiers situates at the heart of Rung Sac War zone:


Lots of statues and models of Vietnamese soldiers are places in this areas, imitating their life in the past including discussing for a fighting, the army kitchen, or policlinic…. Due to not being interested in history much, I don’t remember more details of this zone.


Going around in Rung Sac Zone for half an hour, we got in the Canoe to comeback Rung Sac, hundreds of monkeys’ home. Little monkeys are super cute, but old ones are really problems. We must be careful all time as they are not only naughty but also fast moving, and dangerous. They can pick up all of our properties any time. FAST AND FURIOUS. One snatched my eyeglasses in only 0.01s. Oh My God! I even didn’t realize what had happened, just couldn’t see anything obviously; and my friend shouted “Hey, he took your eyeglasses. Guys, be careful! He is a thief!!” 😀 . We didn’t know what to do since I rely on eyeglasses too much. Luckily, a security came to help, he gave the monkey some food several time, but the monkey didn’t intend to return my eyeglasses. Finally, the monkey got it back, but he chewed the rim 😦 . Also at this messy time, other monkeys took a little boy’s snapback, my colleague’s package of snacks and bottled water. Rush time!!! If you visit Rung Sac Historic site, watch out for monkeys!!


It’s 12.30 pm that time; we got motorbikes, drover for 2 or 3 km to a seafood market. Various type of fresh seafood there, we took a tour around the market, stopped at a stand, the second right one from the entrance to buy mantis shrimp, octopus, oyster and 4 or 5 kinds of cockle and snail. (only 5,000VND/ oyster, What a good price!). We ordered them how to cook too, and the fee was separated; so 9 of us came out, had sugarcane’s juice at a store and wait for everything to be ready.




Finishing buying seafood, we kept going straight toward 30th April beach and tole fence stretches to block us and the seaside. Luckily, it is not the end because at that time we were at a T-junction. According to an accompany, we turn right (most of time, turning left, visitors are on the road to a crowd and noisy area, where the cannot view the sea to enjoy seafood. Driving 5 more minutes, we saw the sea right in front of us, opposite to local people’s home. We parked bikes, paid 200,000VND for 1 large plastic carpet and 4 hammocks (no time limited). Not a cheap price but it’s worth for a calm, poetic and romantic camping trip.


Of course, after all, it’s show time. Lalala, yummy yummy!!! 😛








Around 4pm, despite sunshine, I and 3 others decided to discover the dike, which is like a romantic background in Korean movie, I think.


42I found out a couple of local people was raking for clams, they even told me:

-Hey, it is so funning. Do you want to try, come there 😀 !!!

45bThe beautiful dike took us more than 30 minutes to discover. If it is not too late, I wish to spend more time there not for any specific thing, just going around to see, to view, to take photos and to chat with locals.

On the coming home road, we stopped at a vendor to have nipa juice, 12,000/ glass, good price! Sweet juice combines with soft flesh to create a simple, cheap but delicious beverage 🙂

Passing a bridge, by a chance, I got a photo of The Sun and The Moon, weird! But I love it.


Arriving in city center at 8pm, everyone is ok, a bit tired, but all love the trip!

You can view my video there!


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