Sometimes, participating in interviews, I have been asked “In your current job, what motivates you most?” I am really confused of that question because I even don’t know the motivations for either my job or my life.

My job

Money? Of course, no money, I cannot live comfortably, the matter is how much is enough? How can I get enough? Then, if we just work as much as possible to make money, it doesn’t motivate us anymore; indeed, we are its slavers.

Placement? Yup, from Headhunters’ side, placements don’t only motivate them but also feed them; however, at my position, I earn nearly nothing from these kinds of thing. Poor me? Therefore, I cannot be motivated by this magical word.

Colleagues? Mine are nice and kind, the only issue is that they keep leaving me. Fine, everyone has his or her own choice; no one can live another’s life. Done. Just keep all as social relationship.

Development? If any, is there any for my position, I wonder.

My life

I have no idea about why I have to live. Anyone can help me with this question, please! We were born, have to grow up, to be mature, to work, to earn money, and then to die. No matter are we rich or poor, sad or happy, sick or healthy, the final destination for any one is death, so what is the reason for living? I know I am pessimistic, but that is the truth..

Finally, all will leave me, so I can trust only myself. Only Diam motivates me because only she can raise me up, pet me when I am sad, I even follow all her requests :), the unique one. Yes, that is my answer: MYSELF. Be strong! Diam ah!! Everything will be fine.