HVN – 3 Yrs Already

Nothing much, just think I have to write some words today as it marks 3 years since commencing working at HVN as my first official job.

Not remembering exactly the date applying for this position, I got the phone call from HR Executive suddenly and unexpectedly 🙂 . On the Interview date, I had 2 appointments indeed and in contrast to the 1st one, I thought I failed on the one with HVN ‘coz I just completed 50% of the test. No idea what the zip code is, what skills candidates must have to be potentials, and how could I find them. Poor me!! 😦

May I call that is magic when I was invited for the second Interview. Oh my god, it had to be so exciting!! The interviewer and also my current leader was so nice and kind.

Starting 15 Mar, 1 day before my special date. I think there is some weird destiny between me and HVN.

After 3 years, there haven’t been only tons of stress, conflicts and arguments but also friendly colleagues and working environment. Although I do love neither this job nor this career “thanks to” hundreds of drawbacks, working with you all guys is my pleasure.

Stop now, Diam!! Otherwise, it’s gonna be a mail of resignation.