Everyone has to start somewhere

Long time no English writing! Then, one for today.

I catch that sentence long time ago on the Internet, just accidentally, but it has stopped in my mind, maybe, forever.

Let’s see what I started and what I haven’t had.

My life?

In fact, my life started nearly 26 years ago, when my mom born me; despite living more than a quarter of a century, I am just an anonymous.

I don’t aim to be a super star, but at least donating something for this life or being a kind person, right?

Career dream?

Up to now, I have accomplished with this company for 3 years, yep, more than 1000 days as a headhunter, unbelievable! The fact is that I do not like and will never enjoy this job, NEVER!

When I was a kid, I had 2 wishes for my future career: either a lawyer or a writer.

I cannot be a lawyer, I don’t remember the reason for that wish as well, but writer is a different story. I am never bored of it, NEVER 🙂 ! That is the main reason for starting this blog; just keep writing any time I can to make sure I am alive.


Nope, I am just an amateur in this field. Although I had a solo trip, no one can guarantee for the second one. Hopeless!

Anyway, I started it slowly and in my style. I don’t have any target for this category, just go somewhere no matter how far the destination is to enjoy and be myself. That’s all!

Ayda! It is too massive! No idea where is where and when is when, just start!!



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