Review 2015

Only 3 days left to 2016, so maybe this is the right time to make a short review, hmm?

Let’s see, it was a long and stormy year comprising plenty of new experience.

Jan: My 1st solo trip to Dalat. Sometimes I wonder what the hell forced a “weak and silly fish” like me realize that dream? From sitting on the open bus, arriving, checking in to walking around the city, driving to destinations by myself, enjoying specialties, and chatting with local people were all amazing. Despite lots of dumb moments, it was a remarkable point in my life.


Jan, Dalat

Feb: Taking a Tour, solo again, by bus. On the 3rd day of Lunar New Year, having nothing to do at home, I picked my backpack to the bus station since 8am. After changing the bus 3 or 4 times and meeting a nice sis named Hanh Phuc (Happy), I arrived at Buu Long Park at 12pm, roamed and took hundreds of photos; I came back the bus station at 3pm. In contrast to tourists’ comments, it is really a peace and airy theme park with many beautiful sites to take photos, especially the wishing tree. Unfortunately, I lost my mobile with all the pictures there :(.

Feb, Cr: Internet

Feb, Buu Long Cr: Internet

Mar: My Month, indeed. New working methods, the UK colleague, clients’ visiting dipped me into an ocean of stresses. I almost forgot my date, such a terrible month! After all, I took a city tour, with myself, another time, to Da Han waterfall, just to relax and belatedly enjoy my new age.


Mar, Da Han Waterfall

Apr: Start this site. I intended to begin in my month, but the plan was bankrupted as tons of works. No problem, April is still fine, and up to now, I am happy with this blog.

May: A solo date. Enjoying myself at a Tibetan coffee shop; then I went to the zoo :). 25 yrs old, alone at the zoo, am I weird? / Promotion after delaying times :P.

May, the Zoo

May, the Zoo

Jun: the plan visiting Nha Trang with 2 colleagues (we planned sine Jan) was broken, disappointed! :(. Instead of that, I came back my grandma’s hometown in Mekong Delta with my aunt. Luckily, my trip was right on the Buddha’s Birthday, so besides natural and rural views, I had chances to go to pagodas and taste vegetarian dishes. / New camera, this month too :P.

Jun, Vinh Long Province

Jun, Vinh Long Province

Jul: Peace and clean sky before the storm.

Aug: Goodbye my beloved Grand Mother! The darkest month of the year! Worried and afaird of no reason since beginning of the month. Finally everything happened as it has to be. I cried as much as I have never before. That is her destiny and will be ours. It is not the END for anything; my beloved grandmom’s journey has just BEGUN. Be SAFE, be HEALTHY, and be HAPPY with grandpa, my dearest grandparents.


Aug, bye my beloved grandmother!

Sep: Company Trip. 2 days 1 night organized by a tour agency, nothing much or special, but that was my 1st company trip after more than 2 years accompanying with this one. / Have tried a weird project. ❤

Sep, Dawn at Ho Tram, Company trip

Sep, Dawn at Ho Tram, Company trip

From May to Sep,went to dentist twice, poor me!! 😦

Oct: Nothing at all.

Nov: A sudden trip, Dalat 2nd time within a year.  Nearly no plan, my friend had just asked, I had said “ok”, and then we departed the week after that. The highlight point was my accident including lying down on the street, a bleeding hand, a bruising knee, and a broken motorbike. Awful!!! Tradeoff for amazing moments? Achieving 1 cave, 2 waterfalls, meeting friendly farmers harvesting potatoes are all new experiences those I have never tried before. Worthy, I think.


Nov, Dalat again

Dec: A boring month. Many colleagues are leaving, many plans must be completed by myself. A bit lonely, empty, and blank. / “Creative Diary”, nice and motivating book.



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