Today is the 3rd anniversary since my Graduation from University, too fast!! On that day, I didn’t cry although I had thought I have to. Sometimes, I remember these amazing and crazy days, played hard, studied like mad, and nearly died by deadlines. Thanks my friends, my professors, even my silly presentations and my formal costumes, all of you created a foolish but remarkable period in my life which I cannot spend again.


I remember, after studying for 1.5 year, we had to change classes, a sad day, indeed! Around 20, but we kept asking and answering “What is your name?” “My name is…”. 5 months later, (if I am correct), we took part in the 12-day tour, visiting mystery Gia Lai, impressive Buon Me Thuot, peaceful Quy Nhon, charming Hoi An, romantic Hue, and climbing on Ngu Hanh Son,  running in the rain at My Son Sanctuary, enjoying expensive Vinpearl Land. That is the longest and most attractive tour I have ever had in my life. I must admit these wonderful days reduced the gap between us.

Dawn, Quy Nhon; 12-day tour
12-day tour
Hue, 12-day tour
Vinpearland, Nha Trang, 12-day tour

I remember the evil and fatty but friendly professor, at first I hated him, and now I admire. In his class, being late in 5 minutes, go home and get “-20% in the mid term test”! Presenting means you have to be fluent and comprehensive; otherwise, you will be kick off in only 10 seconds. Thanks, my evil professor, I am now confident in public speaking, and not afraid of eyes contact as I was.

My evil, fatty but friendly Professor

I remember my first backpacking tour with my classmates, we drove to Dong Nai province, camped and cooked in the forrest, did campfire at night, sang together, walked across a small stream as one of team building activities. Only 2 days and 1 night, but I dare to say that, for all of us, no matter how or who we are and will be, we cannot forget that trip.

1st backpacking tour
1st backpacking tour

I remember my Graduation Thesis, I was instructed by a pregnant professor. The first time I met her is on my final presentation, unbelievable! All the time, we just contacted via telephone and email. Oh man, I was not a rich student, ma’am! I stuck to my classmates and their instructors, imitated their methods and followed their progress. Finally, I completed 76-page Essay and 15-minute presentation, earned 9 point for my Graduation. I wondered what magic had motivated me to do that, and why I didn’t give up. Proud of myself!

In contrast, after 3 years, what did you have and loose, Diam?

After graduating, I was unemployed for a half year, upto Mar 2013, I became an office staff. Well, that time was terrible, but I think I will comback to the tough status soon as I really out of energy and motivation with this job.

I got:

A full time job, some colleagues, a few of them taught me about life, about in whom I should trust, and in whom I shouldn’t. It takes time to learn and recognize a bit behind their masks.

A few tips to protect myself in the war in the office, which  I call “politics among white-collar-workers”

Three or four solo-trips, just to relax after continuing months facing the cold PC, daily / monthly reports, IT issues and nasty IT guys, and grumpy clients. It is really nightmare!

Besides, lovely stresses also bring me cute wrinkles around my eyes. My aunt even told me that I had looked 3 years older than my real age. Poor me!

I lose:

Hmm, frankly, I lose my belief in anything, became a suspicious person; once, seeing a sickly beggar on the street, intending to help her, but I couldn’t due to my affraid of being cheated. What did the life effect on me?

Secondly, my health. The same to most of white-collar-workers, I get sick with my eyes (thanks to beloved computers, smart phones or something like that), my back and backbone (because I keep sitting hours per day :))

Last but not least, the relations. This 8-5 job, sometimes 8-7 one makes me exhausted, so I have no time to hang out with my friends. On weekend, I just stay at home to… sleep, nothing else, boring!! So do my friends :). I wish to meet them once in the near future, but it is like “Mision Impossible”.

1st backpacking tour

In short, three year since my graduation, if I have a wish, I wish to came back my student life just in a week or a moth. That time, I lived, studied, worked and played as a normal and energetic person, not a walking zombie like I am now.


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