Dalat – Attractions

How lazy Diam is! It is nearly 10 months since my Dalat trip, but I have not finished the review yet.

Let’s see there are dozens of interesting attractions including natural and man-made ones in Dalat those you can find reviews on the Internet easily such as Xuan Huong Lake, Dantala Waterfall, Langbiang Mountain, the City’s flower garden,  Truc Lam Pagoda, Dalat University or college of Pedagogy, Domaine de Marie Church…Therefore, instead of these places, I’d like to review a weird initation across Ta Nung pass to visit  the Flowers Farm, Farms feeding Crickets, Tods, and Silk worms, and Elephant Waterfall.

After having breakfast, the tour guide drove me to the urban of Dalalt through peaceful streets alongside by Pines and flowers. I think the street is a bit dangerous if you are not a tough driver; luckily I got a good one, so the only think I care is enjoying the beauty of this highland.

Sinuous and advanturous street, CR: Du lich, GO!
Ta Nung Pass, Cr: Dulich, GO!

Weasel and Rice-Wine Farm

Then, around 30 minutes later, we arrived at the Tod Farm. Actually, that is a small house, feeding some weasels, and only one of them is friendly.

The Weasel

According to the host, all visitors coming there love him most, I even fed him with milk.


The hostess also offered us cups of weasel coffee, price: 50 000 VND per cup, not expensive if that is the real weasel coffee.

Can you image a house in this highland area is like ones in Mekong Delta thanks to its architecture, and high trees along the narrow street in front of the house? No, of course, but it is!! Moreover, siting under the veranda to enjoy a cup of coffee and the peaceful view with a folk song is a relax moment that I never spent in Saigon.

Alongside, people are making rice wine – a traditional drink in Vietnam right behind the house. Therefore, I had chance to view the progress of fermentation, and each drop of wine fall down into a can. The smell of rice wine was so attracting!!

Farm of Crickets

Then, I was driven to the farm of crickets. Oh man, they are really noisy, but lovely, especially the tiny ones. They are fed in a large area built of brick and covered of cement. All the crickets here are grown up separately based on their “age” in order to protect them. The host told us that recently crickets has become a specialty in restaurants, so he can sell them in high price.

Crickets’ house. Cr: Du lich, GO!
Tiny cricket

Of course, after visiting crickets’ home, we must enjoy them. You have not to be brave to do that because they are not strange, the tour guide even think that it tastes like Onion Snack. For me, it is ok, except it is a bit evil.

Silkworm Farm

Then, we went on to reach Silkworm farm. As I remember, this farm has an annoying smell, so we had to wear gauze mask. At this farm, I have chance to view the progress of growing up silk worms in reality although I read that already.

The silk worms. Cr: Du lich, GO!

To be frank, I don’t think this one can be a highlight destination for your tour because of the lack of activities as well as the amateur local tour guide there.

Elephant Waterfall

The entrance, Elephant Waterfall. CR: diadiemanuong

Completing a short tour at this farm, we came back the amazing pass to go to Elephant Waterfall. As I mentioned, Dalat has plenty of waterfalls, most of them are romantic, beautiful, and well-known, but Elephant is an exception. It is around 25km from the city center, very small and still in wild, which attracts me.

thác voi
Elephant Waterfall. CR: Du lich, GO!

In contrast to the high entrance price to other man-made attractions, it costs only 5000 VND per person to visit this waterfall. Discovering Elephant Waterfall is really an adventure since the path is extremely narrow and sinuous with a lot of rocky stairs.  Sometimes, I had to use my hand to crawl. How shame I am! Nevertheless, that is the most wonderful moment!!

On the road to discover the bottom of the waterfall. CR: diadiemanuong
I used my hand to crawl at this section. Cr: Diadiemanuong
Cr: diadiemanuong

After all, I reached this place, just at the middle of the waterfall, but it is really amazing.

At the middle of the waterfall

Regret a little bit, because of the shoes, I couldn’t crawl to the stream over there, which is made up with multiple-size rocks. From this position plus my image, they look like the little elephants, don’t they?

The rocks look like the elephants

Another point makes Elephant Waterfall a “super star” in my trip is a 4-color RAINBOW appeared right in front of my eyes, I even put my hands inside it. Ohlala!! So amazing! Up to 25 years old, that was the first time I saw a real rainbow in my life. Foolish!! Plus, the tour guide also told me that “Hey, sis, seeing the rainbow means you are lucky and will have luck in your life”.

Flower Farm

If I am correct, it was around 12pm at that time, so we climbed up, came back the city center as it is a quiet long route. On the way back, the nice guide stopped at a farm (yep, farm again), this time is a Flower Farm.

Farm of Flowers

We just stopped the motorbike at the barrier made of brushwood, go inside the farm. Until we came back, no one tough the motorbike, and I call it “magic”, which cannot happen in super cities like Saigon.

Farm of Flowers

Wow, it is not as large as I expect, but really beautiful. The hostess plants some cabbages on the right side, only 2-3 beds, and the rest is covered by colorful flowers including chrysanthemum, wild daisy, and some kinds whom I don’t know how to name in English.





While taking care of “lovely children” – flowers, the hostess asked us not to walk across beds of flowers although we haven’t. She added:

– Visitors are allowed to visit my farm for free, but they come there just to take photos of themselves and never care of my flowers, even walk on them; so a lot of these beauties died. They do not appreciate flowers.

– Why don’t you charge them, aunt? – I asked

-Oh, dear, every day, hundreds or even thousands of people came to my farm; so if I take only 20 000 VND (~ 1USD) / person, let’s count how much will I get; I’ll a billionaire, :). But, flowers make the world more beautiful and I plant them to share with the world more than to earn money!

Yeap, she is as lovely as her flowers and also a representative for the honest Dalat citizens!!


That’s all, a short and simple, but very interesting trip with a friendly and kind tour guide. I think I fall in love with this city and will comeback once in the near future, I hope.



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