1st Alone Trip

To be frank, I was an extremely lazy person and not interested in travelling at all, it even made me tired; however taking a trip alone to Dalat– the city of love alone has changed my mind totally. Thanks to the trip, I have found out that being alone doesn’t mean loneliness, Vietnam is so beautiful, and I love travelling.

Actually, although many people have though that being alone is so strange and even crazy, but for me, it is not. Because when I’m alone, I have more time to enjoy the beauty of landscapes, to discover local lifestyle and to enjoy myself. I spent more than half of a day just for roaming at Truc Lam pagoda, walking across the line of pine and pick up some pinus on the ground as presents for my friends, and having lunch alone while viewing the peace of Tuyen Lam Lake. Many people may think that I am an “idiot”, but at that time, I could relax absolutely, and kicked out all of my daily stress. So enjoyable! Then, I also had time to make friends with local people. Of course, I travelling without any friends, but it never means I went to everywhere by myself only. I met a very friendly tour guide, he ride me to some amazing tourist destinations such as Elephant Waterfall, Linh An pagoda, and the coffee farm. He, his friends and local people there have shown me how to raise coffee trees, to feed a tod, to pick up strawberries and make mulberries wine. In short, even I went alone, I met many strangers there, and they are my friends now, so I gain helpful knowledge.

Dalat is just a small city in Vietnam, but it has plenty kinds of tourist destinations including both man-made and natural. Some of buildings like Dalat University or college of Pedagogy, Domaine de Marie Church were built in French architecture, while some pagoda and the house of minority people have still followed traditional outfit. The combination of them have made specialty for this beautiful city. Besides, Dalat has lots kinds of geography such as Langbiang mountain, Tuyen Lam lake, Prenn waterfall, and the valley of Love, and all of them are so magnificent, so worthy travelling once in my life.

Last but not least, I realized that I am now in love with travelling no matter alone or with anyone just because it brings me benefits. Obviously, travelling means sometimes I have to talk with strangers, they maybe local people, maybe the tour guide, or anyone else; therefore, I have to learn how to communicate cleverly, and I can be friendlier, which I cannot if I just stay at home. Additionally, not all, but some of the strangers are kind, so I aware that the world is not as negative as I thought. Then, I can visit many places to discover how impressive and beautiful my country is, to know I’m happier than many people. Briefly, I enjoy travelling and will keep going until the date I cannot.

Since I am young now, I enjoy moving to new places; learn new things, and meeting strangers, that’s all.


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